Wardcliff Drive Re-paving

A crew from the Ingham County Road Department (ICRD) was in the neighborhood on Wednesday July 22nd to begin preparing the road for re-paving.  All of Wardcliff Drive from the cul-de-sac north to the corner of Wardcliff and Heather Drive will get a new surface in late August or early September.  The ICRD crew was removing grass from the edges of the street and will come back to treat any grass growing in cracks in the pavement with weed killer.  When the contractor hired by the county arrives they will grind up the old surface layer, mix it with some additional materials under high temperature and then lay it back down on the roadway.  This process will take only two or three hours to complete. After the surface cures for couple of weeks they will come back and add an additional top layer of new material.  It should all be completed by mid-September if things go as scheduled.

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