Meridian Township is Hosting a CATA BRT Community Conversation

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Meridian Township is Hosting a
CATA BRT Community Conversation

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Meridian Township Municipal Building
Meridian Township Hall
5151 Marsh Road
Okemos, MI 48864

The purpose of Meridian Township hosting this joint CATA BRT Community Conversation is to hear a formal presentation from CATA and gather input from Meridian Township residents and businesses.

According to the CATA BRT website, CATA BRT is a bus-based mass transportation system. The BRT is intended to be a rapid service. Their website states that their project seeks to improve the overall multi-modal transportation network and create unique public spaces throughout the corridor. The proposed project is being built within the existing right of way, which – based on available space – may constrain the elements that can
be included in the design.

Please join us and take part in this community conversation.

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What is the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Project?
Where does CATA propose to build it?
How will it affect our neighborhood?

The Wardcliff Neighborhood Association is sponsoring a presentation by CATA followed by a question and answer session about the proposed BRT. Come and learn about the BRT and how it will change traffic flow on Grand River Avenue and the way we would be able to access our homes and local businesses.

When: Thursday June 23rd at 7PM
Where: The Wardcliff School

For additional information about the Bus Rapid Transit system that is being proposed by CATA (the Capitol Area Transportation Authority) the links below will connect to plans for the project and also to interviews on WKAR radio with both a CATA representative and with two Meridian Township residents who are opposed to the BRT.

Short Video (no sound) from CATA on how two intersections along the route are currently planned. One is at Northwind Drive and the entrance to Whole Foods.

Two interviews from WKAR ‘Current State’ with host Mark Bashore. Each session is approximately 15 minutes long.



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