2012 Election Day

With the great success of our Fall Gathering, the Wardcliff Neighborhood Association would like to remind you to help make our community what it is today and what it will be tomorrow.  Don’t forget to vote!

For Michigan voter information, visit https://webapps.sos.state.mi.us/mivote/

Meridian Township Voting District Map – http://www.meridian.mi.us/vertical/sites/%7B1800D46E-0900-43BD-B3FA-10A5660870B1%7D/uploads/2012_Voting_District_Map.pdf

Meridian Township Polling Locations – http://www.meridian.mi.us/vertical/sites/%7B1800D46E-0900-43BD-B3FA-10A5660870B1%7D/uploads/2012_Polling_Locations.pdf

Polling Location for the Wardcliff Neighborhood:


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